成功就從接電話 開始 禮儀,成就不凡的你



Even though e-mails, instant messages, and texts are rapidly becoming the standard for business communication, business phone conversations are still unavoidable, whether they are to your boss, clients, or colleagues. There are also most definitely times when you have to pick up the phone for someone else and take messages. Therefore, it is important to master business phone etiquette since it is more difficult to convey your thoughts when the other party cannot see you.

Today, not only are we going to look at proper etiquette, we are also going to go over specific situations and how you should act when they arise.




Before picking up the phone, discontinue any activities such as eating, chewing gum, or anything else that could affect your speaking.

When answering the phone, be prompt and answer within three rings if possible. Take a deep breath before you pick up and start speaking. Be as pleasant and professional as you can be. Weariness and impatience show easily through your voice.



問候報上名 快速進入狀況

State your name clearly at the beginning of a phone conversation whether you’re making or picking up the call. Don’t assume the person on the other end knows you, your department, and / or your company. If necessary, state:


i.e.“This is Linda calling from the finance department of Roberts & Co.”(例如:「我是Roberts & Co.公司,財務部門的Linda。」)

When you answer the phone, it is still preferable if you identify yourself by saying: 當你接聽電話時,也最好明確的講出你的大名:

i.e.“Hello, Roberts & Co., Linda speaking / this is Linda.”(例如:「你好,這裡是Roberts & Co.公司,我是Linda。」)

Tips 轉接記得保持辦公室隱私

Putting a person on the line on hold is inevitable sometimes when you have to ask for or look up information. Utilize the mute key or hold button so the other party doesn’t accidentally hear nearby conversations that are going on. If the wait is going to last longer than 20 seconds, ask if you can call the person back.


Tips 留下重要訊息 保持聯繫

If you have to transfer the call, ask for permission and thank the other party for waiting. Enunciate and punctuate. Remember that the caller can’t see you and the gestures you are making. Communication only happens when you and the other party are on the same page. Speak at a moderate pace and check with the listener when he or she is not responding regularly. Get the listener’s attention with “Sir / Ma’am?”


Clarify the information you are giving out. Instead of saying: “Check back in with us tomorrow during opening hours,” say: “We will be open from 8AM to 5PM tomorrow.”

Repeat and spell out details as needed. Spell out addresses, names, etc.



You need to be tactful when you are inescapably stuck in a telephone conversation that won’t end. This situation usually happens when you or the other party cannot get to the point. In this case, clarify the situation to the best of your abilities by restating the point of the conversation:

“As I understand it, Ms. Wang, what you need from me is … Is that correct?” Or, just ask plainly: “What do you believe I can do to resolve this for you?”



End the conversation by offering solutions, promising you will get back to them, or if there was no solution, point him or her in another direction.

“Let me look into this for you and get back to you this afternoon.”

“I believe that Jack in the operations department will be able to better assist you, let me …”




Tips 語音電話這樣說

Leaving messages can be awkward. Begin your message by introducing yourself just as if you were really talking to the person. State the time of day and your reason for calling. Also, request that they return your call at a specific time and leave your number. Twice.



It's ten in the morning. I'm phoning (calling, ringing) to find out if … / to see if … / to let you know that ……/ to tell you that …….

Could you call (ring, phone) me back at……?




回電不求快 求對的時機點

Don’t be rushed when you are returning calls. It is better to return a call when you are able to give the person the time they need to resolve the reason for his or her call. If you are unavailable within the time they requested for your callback, make a short call to them to make an appointment. It is unprofessional and disrespectful to leave the other party hanging.


Tips 掛電話不要喀擦一聲

Always thank the other party before ending a call, no matter the reason for the conversation. End by wishing the other party a nice day or evening. Try not to hang up first. In any case, do not slam the receiver because it is never pleasant to hear that on the other end. Remote, hand-free headsets are optimal for frequent callers. You can hang up the call sound-free by pressing a button.




impossible to prevent.

There are now fears that war is unavoidable.


done quickly, immediately, or at the right time.

Lunch is at two. Try to be prompt!


to think that something is true.

Although you do not have definite proof I didn’t see your car, so I assume you have gone out.


not very large or very small, very hot or very cold, very fast or very slow, etc.

Even moderate amounts of alcohol can be dangerous.


not showing respect for someone or something.

He is often disrespectful to his colleagues.

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