Mexico and Day of the Dead  多元獨特的墨西哥

by Matthew Brown    

With its spice, sun, and spectacle, Mexico is a country that really shines.


Mexico, the US's warm neighbor to the south, is a favorite destination for many travelers. Modern-day Mexico has some things in common with the US, but for such a close neighbor, it is also surprisingly unique.

  Mexico was populated by native civilizations for thousands of years. These peoples, which included the famous Mayans and Aztecs, were quite developed, and some created large cities. Some of the amazing structures they built are still standing in parts of Mexico today. In the 1500s, however, the land and its native civilizations were invaded by Spanish armies. What is now Mexico became known as New Spain. This was the start of a long period of history for Mexico that hasn't always been easy. But through it all, Mexico has managed to keep its proud spirit.

  Mexican culture has an interesting mix of old and new. Its major cities are like any of the world's big cities, with tall skyscrapers and bustling crowds. In fact, its capital, Mexico City, is one of the most highly populated cities in the world. For many, the real beauty of Mexico lies in its landscape and its climate. Mexico has beautiful mountain ranges and incredible beaches. Of course, while enjoying the sights of Mexico, travelers and residents alike tend to agree on one of their favorite aspects of Mexican culture: its food. Spicy and delicious, never bland, Mexican food, such as tacos and quesadillas, combines meats, chicken, or seafood with vegetables and spices. Flour tortillas are often used, and chilies are a necessity. Enjoyed along with a cold drink under the hot sun, an authentic Mexican meal is unforgettable.


1. destination n. 目的地

2. surprisingly adv. 驚人地

3. civilization n. 文明(國家∕世界)

4. people n. 種族(可數名詞)

5. structure n. 建築物

6. invade vt. 入侵,侵略

7. skyscraper n. 摩天大樓

8. landscape n. 風景,景色

9. mountain range 山脈

10. incredible a. 驚人的;難以置信的

11. resident n. 居民

12. aspect n. 方面,觀點

13. spicy a. 辛辣的

spice n. 香料

14. bland a. 淡而無味的

15. taco n. 炸玉米餅∕捲

16. quesadilla n. 墨西哥薄餅

17. tortilla n.(墨西哥)玉米粉圓餅

flour tortilla 用麵粉代替玉米粉做的)麵餅

18. chile n. 紅番椒

19. unforgettabl a. 難忘的


1. through it all  歷經種種,經歷風風雨雨

2. A and B alike  A 和 B

3. along with...  連同……


1. to the east/west/south/north (of...)  在(……的)東方∕西方∕南方∕北方(指某一範圍外)

in the east/west/south/north of...  在……的東部∕西部∕南部∕北部(指某一範圍內)

例: There is a park just to the west of my building.


例: There are many summer resorts in the south of France.


2. have...in common with...  與……有……共同點

例: I have a lot in common with my friend Joe.


3. populate vt. 居住於(常用被動)

例: This area is populated by immigrants from Africa.


4. manage to V  設法(做到)……

例: Shane managed to win Helen's heart.


5. bustling a. 繁忙的,熱鬧的

bustle n. 熙攘,忙碌

hustle and bustle  熙熙攘攘

例: I love the hustle and bustle of Taipei.


6. lie in...  在於……

例: The key to success lies in hard work and determination.


7. tend to V  有……的傾向;往往會……

= be apt to V

= be inclined to V

= be liable to V

= be prone to V

例: I tend to talk too much when I'm nervous.


8. agree on...  同意……;就……達成協議(主詞通常為複數)

例: My friend and I agree on one thing: Jay-Z is a great rapper.


9. combine A with B  將 A 與 B 結合

例: Combine the salt with the flour before adding the eggs.


10. authentic a. 道地的;真正的

例: The restaurant serves authentic Chinese food.



  一些原始文明社會曾存在於墨西哥達數千年之久。這些民族包括著名的瑪雅和阿茲特克民族,他們的文明先進,有些甚至發展出大型的城市,有些他們所建造的驚人建築物至今仍矗立在墨西哥某些地區。然而在 16 世紀,西班牙軍隊入侵當地的領土和文明。現在的墨西哥當時曾被稱為新西班牙。對墨西哥而言,這開啟了一段漫長而艱辛的歷史。儘管歷經風風雨雨,墨西哥仍努力保持自身引以為傲的精神。


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