Shyness, or Something More?  不只是害臊?

by Kevin Lustig    

Social phobia can make being with others a nightmare.


You enter a crowded classroom. People seem to be staring at you. You hear laughter from a group of students in the corner. _(1)_ Instantly, your heart starts to pound, and you desperately want to hide.

  If this experience is familiar to you, you may have social anxiety disorder. _(2)_ For people who experience these feelings, it can be almost impossible to enjoy talking to others, being with friends, or even simply going out in public.

  Social phobia has many forms, from fear of speaking in public to feeling uncomfortable in groups. It can cause unpleasant physical symptoms like sweating, blushing, difficulty breathing, and feeling sick. There are several explanations for why people have social phobia. It can be passed down genetically from parents to children. _(3)_ The experience might leave the victim with a terrible fear of ending up in a similar situation again.

  Luckily for those who have social phobia, the condition is treatable. _(4)_ Meditation and relaxation exercises can also help. Most importantly, there are techniques that can help to cure it altogether. One of the most common methods is experiencing the uncomfortable social situations a little bit at a time with the help of a psychologist. _(5)_

  For some, social phobia stands in the way of a lot of enjoyment that most people take for granted. However, with the right treatment, social situations can be fun and enjoyable for everyone.

(A) Also known as social phobia, social anxiety disorder is a condition that causes individuals to become anxious when they have to interact with other people.

(B) This method has been proven to help those with social anxiety disorder to confront and understand their fear.

(C) Social phobia can also develop because someone has been badly embarrassed in front of others.

(D) For one thing, there are drugs that help control the symptoms.

(E) Are they laughing at you?


1. 第一題空格應選 (E)


a. 空格前的句子提到,你聽到角落裡一群學生的嬉笑聲(laughter from a group of students)。

b. (E) 選項的句子中則提出疑問:他們是在嘲笑你嗎(laughing at you),語意連貫,且兩句中的關鍵字 laughter 及 laughing 亦相互呼應,故選之。


laugh at...  嘲笑……

例: Everybody laughed at me when I told them that I'd been abducted by aliens.


2. 第二題空格應選 (A)


a. 空格前的句子表示,如果你對上述經驗感到再熟悉不過,你可能患了社交焦慮症(social anxiety disorder)。

b. 選項 (A) 的句子接著說,社交焦慮症(social anxiety disorder)又稱為社交恐懼症(social phobia),是一種與他人互動時會產生焦慮的病症,進一步解釋了社交焦慮症,語意連貫,故選之。


a. phobia n. 恐懼症

social phobia  社交恐懼症

b. anxiety n. 焦慮,緊張

c.disorder n. 失調;不適

d.individual n. 個人

e.anxious a. 焦慮的

be anxious about...  對……感到焦慮∕緊張

例: Julie is anxious about the interview tomorrow.


f. interact with...  與……互動

interact vi. 互動

例: Sociologists study how people interact with each other.


3. 第三題空格應選 (C)


a. 空格前的兩個句子提到,人們為何會有社交恐懼症的原因有幾種解釋(explanations),有可能是父母經由基因遺傳給下一代,而空格前一句中的 it 指的就是 social phobia(社交恐懼症)。

b. 選項 (C) 的句子接著提出造成社交恐懼症(social phobia)的其他原因,有可能是因為患者曾在眾人面前嚴重出糗導致的後果,語意連貫,故選之。


embarrassed a. 感到尷尬∕困窘的

embarrassing a. 令人難為情的

例: Jane was embarrassed by her friend's rudeness at the party.


例: My most embarrassing experience was getting up on stage and forgetting my lines.


4. 第四題空格應選 (D)


a. 空格前的句子提到,幸好社交恐懼症是有辦法醫治的(the condition is treatable)。

b. 選項 (D) 接著說其中之一是透過藥物幫助控制這些症狀(help control the symptoms),語意連貫,其中 condition (疾病)和 symptoms (症狀)形成關聯,故選之。


a. for one thing  首先;其一

例: I never eat fish. For one thing, I can't stand the smell.


b. symptom n. 症狀

5. 第五題空格應選 (B)


a. 空格前的句子提到,其中最常見的一種方法(one of the most common methods)是在心理學家的協助下,一點一點地體驗那些會令人感到不自在的社交場合。

b. (B) 選項接著說,這種方法(this method)經證實能幫助患有社交焦慮症的人面對及了解他們的恐懼,語意連貫,且兩句中均有關鍵字 method (方法),故選之。


confront vt. 對抗,克服

例: The rookie fireman confronted his fears and entered the burning building.



1. instantly adv. 立即,馬上

= immediatel adv.

例: The pharmaceutical company is famous for its product that instantly relieves headaches.


2. desperately adv. 極度地,拼命地

例: The spider's prey was trying desperately to escape the web.


3. B be familiar to A  A 熟悉 B

= A be familiar with B  

例: Is this picture familiar to you?

= Are you familiar with this picture?


4. be passed down from...  從……傳下來

例: The design of this lace was passed down from early French settlers.


5. end up + 介詞片語∕現在分詞  到頭來∕最後……

例: The thief ended up in prison.


例: The gambler ended up losing everything.


6. altogether adv. 完全地(= completely);一共(= in total)

例: This new car is altogether different from the old one.


例: There are 300 people altogether in the stadium.

(體育場裡總共有 300 個人。)

7. stand in the way  妨礙,阻擋

例: Nothing can stand in the way of Kevin's dreams.


8. take...for granted  將……視為理所當然

例: Don't ever take your health for granted. Be thankful for it.



1. shyness n. 害臊,膽怯

2. pound vi. 心臟劇跳

3. uncomfortable a. 不自在的

4. unpleasant a. 不愉快的

5. blush vi.(因害羞、尷尬而)臉紅

6. genetically adv. 基因方面地

7. treatable a. 可治療的

8. meditation n. 冥想

9. relaxation n. 放鬆

10. technique n. 技巧,技法

11. psychologist n. 心理學家

12. enjoyment n. 樂趣

13. enjoyable a. 有樂趣的


1. stare at...  盯著……

2. in the corner  在(室內的)角落裡

on the corner  在(室外的)角落裡

3. in public  公開地;當眾

in private  私底下

4. at a time  一次






標準答案: 1. (E) 2. (A) 3. (C) 4. (D) 5. (B)

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